What to do when Pets Get Dementia (Cognitive Dysfunction Syndrome)

Posted by Ron Capito on

Lola, our delightful 11 year old lump of sugar, is very old for an English bully. A few days  ago, we were standing in the kitchen and she was looking at us, then suddenly urinated. It was if she had forgotten to ask to go outside, which she always does.

Lola has had a history of UTI issues, but our first thoughts were of Mr. Bishi, one of our bullies that developed cognitive dysfunction syndrome when he was around eleven and a half years old. We hoped she wasn't traveling down that path too.

Monique discusses what medicines are out there for CDS, and she shares if they were effective for Mr. Bishi. Due to better medicine and food, dogs and cats are living longer, which means, just like humans, they are susceptible to dementia.