Taos Search and Rescue

Posted by Ron Capito on

This was probably one of the most singular experiences that Keep Wagging participated in and it illustrated what kind of awesome work that Taos Search and Rescue performs. 

We met with Delinda VanneBrightyn and she kindly took the time to tell us about Taos Search and Rescue's mission and arranged for a demo to illustrated not just how efficient and professional they are, but how truly dangerous and difficult the work is.

I highly suggest checking out Taos Search and Rescue's web site when you have a chance and watch the video below. It's really quite informative.

We didn't know much about Taos Search and Rescue until they put us through the paces. We learned that they are all volunteers, highly competent and professional. They work in all kinds of weather throughout the state searching for lost hikers, climbers, hunters, campers, children, people with Alzheimer’s or dementia, skiers, snowmobilers. 

We encourage you to support the fantastic work Taos Search and Rescue does!