My Favorite Breed Is Rescued

Posted by Ron Capito on

Edwin says goodbye to a friend

The inspiration for our new design are all of the people who give animals a second, or third chance at having a forever home. So many selfless people out there take in abandoned animals, strays, or animals that people have given up on.

I want to take a moment and shine a light on one such couple, of the thousands of hero's out there. Danyel and Edwin have a knack for rescuing older fur kids and giving them homes for the remainder of their lives.

In the past, Danyel and Edwin have had a chinchilla, a fish and a rat and the current roster is two cats and three dogs, all seniors. As a nod to the blended family that Danyel and Edwin have brought into their home to share their lives, our design includes a cat, dog, bird and a mouse (she's shy and is tucked away between the letters "R" and "E").

Below are pictures of their rescues over the years. To Danyel and Edwin and the other hero's out there, thank you!