Keep Wagging Newest Christmas design

Posted by Ron Capito on

The holiday season can be challenging for some of us. If you don't like crowds, noise, kids running around, it's tough. Some people love the chaos that comes with the Holidays, some don't. I'm not sure what that says about me that one of my favorite holiday movies is "Home for the holidays" which was Jodie Fosters first directing effort. Fantastic, bittersweet movie that will have you laughing because I guarantee you're going to recognize some of your family in it. I digress.

The little tangent above brings us to this design - our little Brussels Griffon who quite possibly would like to be somewhere else for the holidays. Alone.

This is our homage homage to those grumpy people in our lives that prefer the shadows and the solitude that comes with it.  

Original pen and ink/watercolor captures that world weary "Oh god and they brought the kids with them..." look of the grumpy sibling who can't just catch a break for some peace and quiet.

​Celebrate the holidays with the Grumpy Griffon!
Grumpy Griffon Bah Humbug Coffee Mug