Jack Patch, a new Keep Wagging character with a positive message.

Posted by Ron Capito on

Jack Patch, a Keep Wagging character

Finishing a new design, inspired by our friends in Florida, specifically Key West and Gulfport (Keep it weird, Gulfport!), two areas that on some level embrace the pirate free spirited mentality. And of course, many have boats with all of them, seemingly, teeming with Jack Russell terriers. Hence this character, Jack Patch.

We enjoy our stays in both areas and when possible, we do shows there. Below is a picture from a show in Gulfport where we met many, many awesome people who share their lives with four-legged companions. In fact, the most popular design that we sell there is the "Families" design. 

Jackie's message is to simply be yourself. If you're a free spirited pirate, own it. If you aren't, figure out what you are and claim it. Jackie is a boat dog and prefers being out on the water with her family, some of which have two legs.