Health Benefits of Companion Animals and Plants

Posted by Ron Capito on

There is a lot of data coming in about the health benefits of sharing your life with pets - and we are including plants and other green kids as "pets" since they are life forms that have an intelligence all their own and they have a positive impact on humans, both mentally and physically.

There is actually a bit of an overlap here between the plants and the mammals. In case you haven't noticed, many people who share their lives with dogs, cats, bunnies, horses, etc, also share their lives with plants. It could be a gardener or someone who loves orchids and Philodendron vines. All life forms are worthy of respect and help us lead more fulfilling and healthier lives. .

Today, we'll just briefly cover what anyone who has a cat or dog in their home already knows. Their animals have probably added several years to their lives. Much documentation exists on the health benefits: lower blood pressure, quicker recovery from heart and other surgeries, less depression, better attitudes. People who share their lives with animals also tend to be physically healthier from going for the after dinner stroll with their dog(s). 

Do yourself a favor and live a healthier life. Adopt an animal that needs a home and they will be forever grateful. And you'll be healthier.

If you are interested in learning more, I recommend this starting point: Human Animal Bond Research Institute (HABRI). 

Humans and dogs have incredible bonds

They have informative articles on the health benefits of animals and are a wonderful source of information on the human-animal bond.