About that artwork...

Posted by Ron Capito on

I was surprised, and pleasantly so, when we did our first show and I heard the reaction to our designs and art work. 

The characters were messy, ruffled, not perfect looking. In other words, they weren't vector art with crisp, clean lines. The comments were framed in a positive nature and people loved, and bought, the Families designs which seemed to resonate with everyone. I'm thinking what people are reacting to is that these characters are imperfect and gnarly artwork and are a reflection of life;  It's not clean and crisp, it's messy. Name one thing in your life that has come off with out a hitch or two. Life is about gradations, not clean lines. There are no black and whites, only the soft gray gradations given in to the next wave of gray. 

So a big thank you to all of our supporters and fans. Even when things are messy, lets keep them moving forward and progress.